Saturday, October 1, 2011


Okay, I probably shouldn't leave in the dark like this much longer, right? Right. (No? Well, then you're just a moron). So, I've been feeling that throughout my entire books, the scenes are really short and choppy, and though it seems to propel one through the story, it propels you at thirty million light years per millisecond. Almost exactly like Witch and Wizard. Except maybe a bit worse. Now, don't get me wrong, I love fast paced books, but they're books like Percy Jackson, and The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan (amazing books, BTW). Somehow during the second Kane Chronicles book, The Throne of Fire took place in five days, you almost never stopped to breath, and yet it worked extremely well and seemed to fill five hundred pages. Something that my novels and publication teacher, Mrs. Pullman, told me when I proposed this problem to her a couple days ago was this (Note: This is not verbatim): "If you're books take place within a short period of time, time needs to move slowly; if you're book takes place during a long period of time, time needs to speed up." Starting to make sense? Well, it didn't at all for me, until yesterday when I realized that the level to which that theory goes is not completely architecturally, but rather sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, page by page et cetera. It's a really difficult concept to put into words, it's simply something you have to discover as you practice the awesome craft of writing.

I was really worried that my book would be so short I'd end up having to call it a novella instead, but this new concept has just revealed a whole new world for me. This past week and a half I've been stuck in one heck of  a writing slum. I knew exactly what was supposed to come next, I just couldn't seem to get there --- oh the joyous woes of first drafting --- and I realized it was because of the lack of this concept. Of Light and Lividity Book One: Lux currently stands at 36 K words. (Shut up, matt =D)

Right now I'm reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini, but I you're not really going to make me blog about that are you? That one's almost as obvious of its awesomeness as Harry Potter. OMZ, guys, I just wrote "awesomeness" and it didn't put a red squiggly line under it; that means it's a real word! Sorry. Random outburst of ecstasy. He,he . . .

So instead, I'm going to promo a book that I LOVE! The Red Pyramid Book one of The Kane Chronicles! Rick Riordan also writes awesome --- hmm, maybe I'm overusing that word a little . . . sorry, AMAZING Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson. The Son of Neptune here I come!

Can I just mention again how freaking awesome these are!!!!! If you have any interest in Egyptian mythology, Gods, magic, and or adventure, you NEED to read this book! Five, out of Five stars! (Of course, everyone saw that coming). Due to the fact that I found an awesome video of the sypnosis with Rick Riordan narrating, I'll just give you that instead of some lame link. Hey, an alliteration. Sorry. Here it is.

And since I am not going to give an excerpt of my book, I'll give you a sample of this totally awesome filled one! Take a listen! I solemnly promise you will not be disappointed; I'll even make the unbreakable vow if I have to!

Here's Rick Riordan's website where you can check out awesome facts and other fun stuff about all his books!!!  Just follow this link.

Song this week by Adele. Set Fire to the Rain . . .



  1. Glad you figured it out.

    Don't feel bad about not having written a lot. I couldn't bring myself to write any more of THE SHADOW LORD until last night.

    36,000 words is great progress. You're catching up to me. THE SHADOW LORD is currently at 47,000.

  2. Where are you in your book now? I edited a lot out - I'm down to 36,000.