Monday, July 9, 2012

Changes -- Pay Attention!

I have news for you all. This blog is no more -- wait! before you get your feathers in a ruffle, let me explain.

If you remember, a few weeks ago, I mentioned something big possibly happening with my writing career. I have been pondering on the decision for months, and I've finally decided to start anew. I'm changing the genre I'm writing in, for now, at least. I'm going to be writing LDS fiction, and hopefully getting published by either Shadow Mountain, Covenant, or Deseret Book. This is the reason I'm beginning a new blog; I want to start fresh -- my start at this was really whimsical and messy, anyway.

So, does this mean I won't ever want to get published nationally? No. Does it mean that I'll never write another SFF book again? Absolutely not. But for me, right now, and at this stage in my life, this feels like the right direction to go. As I said before, I've thought about it a lot. This is not a "whimsical" decision.

Some time in the far-distant future, I'll write a science fiction or fantasy book and try to get it published nationally. But not now.

I feel as if I'm beating a dead horse, so I'm going to end this blog post. Stay tuned for the new blog address. I hope you all will stick with me despite. :)

Happy writing!