Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Okay, call me crazy, but I must be going through some sort of "writers' growth spurt;" or something. I'm feeling an immense sense of self-confliction at the moment. I won't give you all the details. But some events occurred that have taken the paradigm of my world and yanked into what feel is the optimal position. Just know that there will be some fairly major changes to everything to do with my life and my writing. I will not announce them until my mind has made a concrete decision. (i.e. not very many updates writing wise).

All I can hope is that you'll be gracious enough to wait it out and bear with me as I decide which path to take. I know, it sounds extremely cliche; but I'm being serious.

Well, it seems I've made it to 550 views! Good job, everyone! And thanks. But, we have just over a week to get up to 750. Think we can do it! I do. And, nine followers. All I can say is, nice. Just one more follower and we'll have reached the subgoal! Make sure to tell your friends. Remember, my first attempt at writing a novel, and, or a sneak peek at TIME LOCK.

In other news, I am currently reading The Savage Grace by Bree Despain. Excellent book, and extremely satisfying end to a wonderful trilogy!

If you haven't visited Bree's blog yet, I suggest you do. =D She's hosting quite a large contest at the moment, so make sure you stop by and vote for your favorite! My entry is titled SECOND CHANCE, and on the second page of the fan fiction entries.

I think that sums up this week's update. Have a good week, everyone! 

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